Feet on the Train

I don't fly. I recently went to Chicago for the annual "Foot and Tickle Fest", and took a twenty-four hour ride on Amtrak to get there.

Unlike the airlines or Greyhound, nearly all the men on these trips will take off their shoes, and maybe their socks, especially if it's an overnight trip. The photo opportunities are almost limitless, providing you have the right combination of patience, equipment, and photo editing skills.

Staying in the coach section will give you many subjects to photograph. The sleeping cars, while offering fewer men and fewer opportunities, provide better camera angles and lighting. Either way, it's important that you DON'T use a flash, to avoid arousing suspicion.

Most of these pics were taken during the night. Photo editing software was necessary to make the images clear enough to view easily.

If you're planning on traveling, why not take the train and bring along a digital camera? It's often cheaper than the airlines, and much less stressful.