Chuck Needs Cash

AGE: 41
HEIGHT: 5'-9"
SIZE: 8½ D

Trucker Chuck called me last Saturday in a bit of a panic. Seems he needed to pay the roofer for some recent work done, and the bad weather had kept Chuck off the road. He was broke, and asked me if there was anything I could offer him.


He agreed to spend forty-five minutes strapped to my Bench of Torture, all the while enduring the onslaught of my fingers, feathers, and brushes. He came right from work, still dirty and reeking of sweat and diesel.

Chuck wasn't concerned about the tickling... he said he was TOUGH... and could take anything.

Heh, heh. Another tough guy bit the dust. He was pleading for mercy long before the time was up.

He's a trucker, so don't expect nothin' pretty. He's real rough... but he is ticklish!