Tired of teens? Sick of the same-old-same-old? Wanting something more than generic, no-personality face-and-a-dick photos? You got it!


I'm a gay man. I like MEN. Not women. Not girls. Not boys. MEN. With hair on their faces and hair on their chests. Men who work hard with their hands. Men who get dirty and sweaty and whose boots and socks stink at the end of the day. REAL MEN.

You want a pretty-boy? Go to a pay site. Here's a bunch of FREE galleries that show off the kind of men I like.


No sex. No nudity. No suggestive poses. Just real-life blue-collar men and their boots, socks, and feet. Some tickling thrown in, just 'cuz I like it. In your face and up close. For real men, only.

Bubbafeet.com. Real men. Real rough. Real good.

-S. "Boots" McGraw, webmaster
Galleries updated 30 October 2020.